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A Trial Run at the Pet Adoption

Over The weekend we went to the location where Sanilac Scoopers, the rescue group shows the dogs hoping to get them adopted.  I have been working on many issues with Tucker, but the biggest problem is that he acts up at pet adoptions. In order for rescue dogs to find a home people need to see them. So many rescues will have pet adoptions at pet stores. The dogs are placed in crates along the main isle. After all, pet stores are where animal lovers go. Tucker had it all figured out, since he is a little insecure he didn’t like all the people walking past his crate. He figured out that if he would suddenly growl while he was in the crate everyone would stay away from him. He could isolate from the world. His plan actually almost worked, however the problem is that this also almost cost him his life.

So off we went to the pet store and pet adoption. The wonderful people from the rescue group upon seeing Tucker, commented that he seemed more confidant. I was very glad to hear this. I have noticed this as well. I rarely see the wild eye panic look on his face other than  when he initially sees an unfamiliar dog. Once again because of this; I decided to keep him for another week. Well that’s it for now, plan on seeing Tucker and I in one of the cities or at your local pet store.

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Working on Tucker’s Social Skills

I and Tucker have been very busy working on his social skills. Saturday morning we went shopping at Partridge Creek. (This is an outside mall that allows you to bring your dog.)  There were so many people and dogs there, so this was the true test. Loaded with treats we were ready for the challenge. Tucker did great with all the people who approached him and received many treats and pets. Unfortunately he showed a little apprehension when dogs came to close. Remember Tucker was nothing but skin and bones when he was rescued, he had to fight for everything. As skinny as he was I am sure he was picked on by the other dogs. He is doing great with people, but I can see we really need to work with him around other dogs.

Tucker hanging out at Partridge Creek

Tucker Hanging Out at Partridge Creek

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Tucker Enjoying a Morning in the Field

It was so nice yesterday that I went playing out in the field and of course Tucker came along.

Tucker takes a day off to play

Tucker Takes a Day of to Play in the Field

He simply loved walking through the field sniffing for mice. He is such a happy dog.

What a Happy Dog

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Tucker Goes to the Training Center

Yesterday, Tucker came along with me to the Training Center for the once a month walk in obedience class. He did great.

Bubbles & Tucker doing sit stay

Bubbles & Tucker doing Sit-Stay

He accepted people and dogs coming up to his crate. Of course everyone had to approach his crate and give him cookies. Not once did he show any signs of aggression. The next step was to get him out and be around the people and other dogs. As you can see once again he excelled. He and Bubbles did a sit stay.

Tim Giving Tucker Treats

Thank you, Tim Munyan for helping out by giving Tucker cookies.

Tucker gets petted under the chin

Tucker Gets Scratched Under the Chin

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Working on Territorial Aggression and Crate Aggression

Worked on territorial aggression and crate aggression

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Tucker, the Rescue Dog goes Shopping

We went to the Pet Supplies Plus on Woodward and worked around these distractions and stimulus. Once again he was nervous at first and gave

Tucker in the Pet Store

Tucker goes shopping

everyone a watchful eye. Within a half hour he was taking treats from all the men. Great job Tucker!

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Tucker’s First Day in the City

Dealing with city life can be scary for a country boy.

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Meet TUCKER a Rescue Dog in Training

Meet Tucker, a rescue dog in training

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Spring and your Dog

The Dangers of Spring and your Dog.

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