Spring and your Dog

March 16, 2010 at 8:02 pm 3 comments

Daisy ready to show off her new Spring Outfit

Daisy is ready to show off her new Spring Outfit

Spring, Dogs


the Easter Bunny

Spring, Rover and the Easter Bunny, copyright@2006

After a long hard winter the early signs of spring are a welcome sight, however; to our four legged friend’s spring brings its own set of problems and hazards. We would like to share with you some secrets on how to survive spring and move into summer without a hitch.

With the temperature changing and the days getting longer two things happen.

1. Your dog starts to blow his coat. You might start to notice more and more little hair bunnies floating around on your hardwood floors. This time of year it’s very important to groom your dog every day. For long coated dogs it’s very important otherwise the loose fur will start to mat. These mats can cause irritations and in extreme cases sores. A groomer may have to completely shave the dog to remove all the mats. For dogs with short hair, grooming them everyday helps get rid of the hair quicker and instead of on your kitchen floor the hair goes on the dog brush. Plus it makes them more comfortable and not so itchy. Giving your dog a bath can help speed up the shedding process, but be careful of giving to many baths as you will take away all your dogs’ natural oils. This will lead to dry skin and make your dog even itchier.

2. April showers bring May flowers and tons of mud. Your back yard looks like a swamp and every time your dog goes outside it seams he brings half the backyard in with him. Once again be careful of how often you bathe your dog. On dogs with short coats you can simply rub them down with a damp towel. Also when it rains for several days, understand your dog still needs to have physical and mental exercise. You can start by taking them for long walks. This of course helps you and your  dog. When it is raining, you can play catch up and down the stairs or in the basement and do obedience exercises to stimulate the brain. Doggy Day Care is another idea. A young dog or puppy will also have a higher urge to dig in the soft soil so supervise your puppy.

Spring is often people’s favorite time of year. The days get warmer, flowers start blooming and after the cold winter it’s nice to be outside, however; you need to be aware of some hidden potential hazards of spring.

• With the spring thaw sometimes things like glass, screws, nails and other debris that were buried for ages surfaces because of the natural freezing and thawing of the earth. Walk around your property and look for such things.

• The beautiful spring flowers are so nice to look at. The Crocuses, Daffodils, and Tulips we can’t wait until they bloom. A puppy or young dog can also take notice of the flowers and start to dig them up and eat them. Unfortunately, the bulbs if chewed and ingested are harmful to your dog. In fact Tulip bulbs can actually kill your dog. So please, supervise your young dogs this time of year and don’t plant these flowers were they could get to them.

• During the winter we all tend to be couch potato’s and now that spring is here we want to get out and start doing things, take a walk in the park and other physical activities. Unfortunately, we get plump and out of shape during the winter and often so do our dogs. If your dog is little older take these new physical activates slowly. A long romp in the park might make you sore the next day, but it could make your older dog lame and off to the Veterinarian.

• Spring is also the time we celebrate a wonderful holiday, Easter. A holiday of new beginnings, Easter bonnets, Easter outfits and the Easter Bunny. Who can resist a chocolate Easter Bunny and yes, you have to eat the ears first. With all the chocolate in the house and if your dog wasn’t trained properly and unfortunately, steals any of the chocolate they could become critically ill. A simple Easter basket left unattended containing lots of chocolate can lead to tragedy. PLEASE BE CAREFUL. If your dog is a thief let Alternative Canine Training fix this problem and you’ll never have to worry.

Sometimes instead of an Easter basket full of candy we might find a four legged bundle of joy, a new puppy. Remember the time to teach, train and socialize this new puppy is the very day the puppy comes into your house. Also understand what was acceptable when they were 8 weeks old will not be acceptable when they grow up. So, before they end up in the pound get them trained to be the acceptable member of your family and society. You can see more information about our training programs at www.alternativecaninetraining.com .

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  • 1. Lindsay Warren  |  March 22, 2010 at 6:11 pm

    These are GREAT tips, Bonny! Promote away!!!!!

  • 2. Sydney  |  March 24, 2010 at 11:51 am

    Very helpful! I hadnt thought about checking the yard for old buried things – but that will be the 2nd thing I do today!
    Thank you for sharing your brilliance !!!!


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