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Tucker’s Second Week of Rehabilitation

Tucker’s second week of rehabilitation.

The most important thing for Tucker was make him comfortable in the presence of other dogs in an environment with lots of stimulation. On Monday we went to the Village of Grosse Pointe.  He did great!

Tucker and I hanging out in Grosse Pointe
Tucker and I hanging out in Grosse Pointe

Through out the week besides accompanying me to client’s homes & the training center. We went to pet stores, several times to downtown Royal Oak & Partridge Creek.

Fun Day at the Mall

Fun Day at the Mall

He did great. Never did he show any signs of being anxious. On Saturday I took him to the pet adoption at the pet store. He was awesome!

It is so wonderful to see how confident Tucker has become. No longer do I see any signs of nervousness, anxiety or fear. Once again Tucker’s aggression was just a symptom of his lack of confidence. Once his anxiety got to the point that he couldn’t deal with the situation at hand, he would react. His aggression didn’t happen over night. Initially there was some time between Tucker feeling safe enough to deal with a situation and having an anxiety attack. Eventually he was always on guard. Tucker was also allowed to act out in his guarding role at his Foster Mom’s house. He would bark at people walking by, whenever anyone came over, at the mailman etc. By allowing a dog to bark it indirectly is telling them that it is their job to protect. For Tucker it was also a sure fire way for people to leave him alone.

Time out for Play

Tucker having some fun with one of his friends

Once again much was done to try to socialize him and teach him basic obedience commands, but once he started guarding, it gave him some tools to protect himself. Of course the barking and aggression was dealt with but not by strong enough measure. If this was an emotionally sensitive dog that can be corrected by a verbal correction or quickly redirecting than Tucker would have been fine. Tucker being part Border Collie is physically and emotionally insensitive. He has insecurity issues from not being properly socialized, but deep down he is still insensitive.

When I first starting working with Tucker the first thing that I did was is stop the guarding. This was accomplished by correcting him when he barked in the crate, when people came over, in the car or on a walk. Once he was quite we could than work on building up his confidence. His fear of being corrected for acting out on his fears was higher than the fear itself. He would always get rewarded for being good whether he was told he was a “good boy” or given a treat. Treats were only given in the situations were he accustom to barking or guarding. Out in public, people gave Tucker treats. Tucker learned, “People are wonderful”.

Amanda & Tucker

Amanda & Tucker

This morning Tucker went back to his foster Mom, Amanda. We met at Partridge Creek so that I could show her exactly what she needs to do. She is a very good listener and I think she will do a good job keeping up on the training. We will keep you posted and let you know who the lucky people are that will adopt Tucker. If you are interested by all mean contact me. Tucker is a great dog that had a ruff start in life.

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