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Second Training Session with Buster, Gus, Nina and now Mattie


Wednesday training session:

It is amazing how each dog (just like people.) have there own individual personality and how this affects how they learn. This is why it is so important to socialize and train a puppy right from the start.

Buster is an absolute gem. He is loving, wants to please, but afraid to do anything. He would rather just lean on you if you are close. Control you by putting his paw on your foot. If he can’t be right next to you than he would rather lie down in a corner or run from you. If you go to him, he will show you his belly (submit) and than not want you to leave him. He is very needy of reassurance and love. So I spent most of the session working with Buster. Because of his insecurities and fear he has a problem with sit stay. He will now sit, but stay! Buster thinks, “If I have to stay and Bonny leaves me, than I can’t run away.” I call these dogs Henny Penny dogs. They think the sky is going to fall on their heads and so they want to run and hide. If you can get these types of dogs to do a sit stay with you away from them. Then they start to trust you, trust the circumstance they are in and trust themselves.

Buster doing a sit stay

Look at me I can Sit and stay with out you by my side!

By the end of our session I was finally able to, not only get her to stay at the end of the 6 foot leash but; have the leash on the ground and be about 10 feet away.

Gus on the other hand decided that he didn’t want to do anything. Last time he would sit and stay. This time when I said told him to sit he acted deaf. He even struggled with stay. His session was short and we quit as soon as he completed this simple task.

Nina is making remarkable improvement.  She seems to have gained more confidence. She is more trusting and more willing to sit on her own. We worked on sit stay and she did great. We also worked on having her come to me and sit. She was very receptive.

Today I also had a session with Mattie. Mattie is an Australian Cattle Dog mix. Who is about 7 months old and is all puppy.  She is just one happy go lucky dog who wants to run, play and JUMP.

Can you come out and play

Can you come out to Play!!

Mattie was spayed last week so my training was short. She was taught to walk on a loose leash by my side (heel) and we worked on her jumping. Of course I had to yell at the people who are taking care of her as they will pet her while she jumps on them. Dog training often involves more people training than dog training.

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