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Solving Submissive Urination

Mattie a 7 month old Australian Cattle dog mix has a tendency to submissive urinate. She is a very active puppy who wants to run in 10 different directions at once and will try to jump all over you. If you try to pet her she will submissive urinate. Because she is so excited when she sees people some may say that she is peeing because she is excited (excitable pee), but it is still submissive urination. Think about this Mattie is so excited to see you, but doesn’t know how to properly greet you. Another words she is saying Hello Hello, but is thinking. “I am so happy to see you, but I don’t know how to greet you so, don’t hurt me.” It is at that moment that she pees. So what we need to do is teach her manners.

First we had to teach her not to jump.

Want a Kiss

Want a Kiss

Initially this was hard, because she is so cute people liked it when she jumped. The next step was to train her. This gives us tools and her an understanding of what is appropriate behavior. She learns very quickly and because of her sensitive personality the training needs to be more positive. The first lesson she constantly would pee even though I was using lots of treats. Every time I would pet her, some times when I would give her a cookie and even once when I praised her. By the second lesson she only peed once and this is when I first put the leash on her. By our third lesson she didn’t Submissive Urinate at all.

She now walks on a loose leash, sits and will stay, do a down stay and also comes when called if she is on a leash. Before we started training she was very nervous and hyper. Her eyes were always darting trying to look in 20 different directions at once. I call this looking for direction nervousness. In fact one of the reason I love doing what I do is that so many times when I first start working with a dog I see this behavior.  Often even after one session I see a dog who is relaxed and calm.

See I can be Calm!

See I can be Calm!

When you look at the dogs eyes you see serenity and peace. I can use this present economy as an example. Currently everyone is a little nervous. We never know if this Friday is the day. There is no trust; if you can’t rely on anything there is also no security. If the company you work for is very solid you may feel a little more secure and calmer. I will continue to work with her for several reasons. First to insure that she has 100% stopped submissive urinating. I also want to make sure that when she gets adopted it is a forever home.

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