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Getting a pack of dogs under control in Doggie Boot Camp

Rusty, the Long Haired Dachshund is an absolute delight. His tail never stops wagging and he is always game for a pat on the head or a romp in the backyard. Unless you take him away from the house, than the tail goes down and he is very nervous. You are right when you say that he has trust issues. The first couple of days were focused on getting him to listen. Walk on a loose leash, sit stay down stay etc. Yesterday we started taking him places. We went to the pet store in the morning and evening.

I am a guy I Don't go shopping!

Rusty, "Guys Don't Go Shopping!"

He also tagged along to the training center.  I am glad to say I see a vast improvement from morning and night. In the morning in the pet store the first guy he saw he tried to run in the opposite direction. During the whole session in the store he wouldn’t take treats from me or anyone else. He did much better in the evening. He took treats from me and after 5 minutes from strangers. He wouldn’t come to the people, but didn’t run away if they approached. My goal is to take him to a couple of cities today.

Lucky is an absolute delight, once he relaxes. Another words realizes that you are not going to hurt him than he is fine. He went to the pet store in the morning as well.

Did I Hear a Squeaky Toy

Did I Hear a Squeaky Toy

He did a little better than Rusty, but he still needs a lot of socialization. He did great in regards to the obedience commands. He will also be going to downtown Royal Oak and Birmingham today.

Brody, is a very interesting case. He is willful, determined and yet gets all nervous if corrected. The first session which was to teach him to walk on a loose leash he promptly laid down and didn’t want to move. This is called passive resistance or passive aggressive. Bold dogs will keep trying to go ahead on the leash. Passive dogs will sit down or lay down. Dog’s with an active defense will lung at you or attack the leash. Normally I can get a dog to walk on a loose leash in 2 to 3 minutes, but because poor Brody is so sensitive. I broke this down to two short little sessions with him. He is now walking perfectly on a loose leash. I took him last night to the training center and pet store. He did fantastic.

I'm Bored.

I'm Bored.

Today’s plan is to take Rusty and Lucky to Royal Oak in the morning and Birmingham this evening. I will be bringing Brody with me to a client’s home to continue to work on his obedience. I also want to start working with all three together and so this evening I am planning to walk all three on a loose leash through the neighborhood.

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