Isaac goes through Obedience Training Off Leash

June 5, 2010 at 1:27 am Leave a comment

Isaac is doing great and has learned all the basic commands.  His two biggest challenges were stay and come. Initially he would sit and do down, but stay. He really thought he had more important things to do. There are action exercises and control exercises.

Don't I look handsome in my Bandana

Don't I look Handsome in my Bandana

Stay is control and Isaac is a little strong willed. ( stubborn.) Isaac likes things his way. I guess who doesn’t. The good thing is that his resistance is more passive. He knows he is big and that it is hard to make him do anything. We had many many sessions with the stay and he is still struggling with the down stay, but is 100% better. Originally he would go down for a cookie and than jump back up, even before he received the cookie.

The second issue was coming when called. How many times have you chased him? How many times has he jumped the fence and wouldn’t come unless you bribed him with a cookie. Once again his self will comes out. (Stubbornness)

Do I Have to Come in Now?

Do I Have to Come in Now?

I have really been working on making him come and twice yesterday while playing with Duke (the foster dog), Isaac stopped playing and came. It is working. The good news is that he hasn’t tried to jump the fence. I am very grateful that there have been several opportunities to test this. One morning he was outside and a poor baby Robin was in the yard. He initially picked up the baby bird. A stern drop and he did. I gently put the bird on the other side of the fence and he though he really wanted to get to the bird. He didn’t jump. The last thing that we are doing is working on “place” and simply making sure that he is doing all exercises perfectly.

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