Calming a Hyper Very Active Dog.

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I.W. Look Alike

Meet Lola she is the cutest little Terrier mix. I know one of the reasons I think that she is so cute is that when I look at her face she looks like a miniature Irish Wolfhound. She has a wire coat, and when she is trying to be cute her ears will even go back like a Wolfie. I just think that Lola is adorable. Another asset of Lola is that she is so sweet. The bad thing about Lola is that she is wild and completely out of control. I wonder if she is part Jack Russell, because of how energetic she is.

The amazing part despite that she is hyper she is very smart and learns quickly. Within one session she learned how to walk on a loose leash, sit, down, come and would even do a sit-stay at the end of the 6 foot leash.

I Can Sit

I was originally planning to take training slow, but because she picks things up very quickly and really wants to work. I decided to work on all the basic commands during the first lesson. As with any rescue dog I work with. You never know what they have been taught and what they have forgot. So initially I used a treat to lure her into a down. This is one exercise that she did not know, because even with a cookie she didn’t go down. With some gentle persuading she now will go down. Staying was really hard for her to do as with any energetic dog. As stated before there are action exercises like walking and coming when called. There are control exercises, like sit and down stay. A dog might pickup very quickly that it has to walk on a loose leash, but won’t stay. A more lethargic dog will struggle with walking and have the bad habit of lagging or sniffing. My last Irish Wolfhound was like that.

Having Fun, Yet!

I could put him on a stay, go grocery shopping, come back and he would still be staying. On the other hand he would try to lag even on short walks. The hardest exercise for Lola to do was the down stay.  The good news is that by the time we were done. She would at least do a down stay for 5 minutes, but I had to be right next to her.

Over all I think she did fantastic for her first lesson. I have great hope for her and know that she will be a great dog. She is getting spayed next week and so I’ll continue working with her in a couple of weeks.

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