Housebreaking a little Tea Cup Yorkshire Terrier

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I am so Handsome

I am so Handsome!

Meet Pixel a very small 9 month old Tea Cup Yorkie. He is so sweet and would be perfectly content sitting in a person’s lap all day. I could just imagine taking him in a purse while I went shopping in downtown Rochester or Birmingham. It is hard to resist carrying him and I am pretty sure that he spends a lot of his time being held. This is one of the reason for some of Pixel’s problems. As I stated earlier when you leave him alone in the kitchen and he isn’t with you. He gets upset and pees. By peeing on the floor he figures his scent will bring you back to him. Sometimes dogs will pee when you aren’t in the room, because when they accidentally peed in front of you, they were corrected. So they either pee in a different room or when you are not in the room. Since you said he could have peed outside, you bring him in, leave the room and he pees. I would say it has to do more with the fear of abandonment.

So the plan for little Pixel’s rehabilitation is a threefold process.

1.     Build up his confidence by giving him structure and teach him some obedience exercises. This way he will fell secure when left alone.

I am sittin

2.     Teach him to ring a bell to inform you of his having to go potty.

3.     Socialize him using the obedience exercises, so that he is more assured of himself.

Pixels Training Program:

Pixel is very timid. Everything new for him is going to be fearful, so the training has to be slow and introduced in a positive way. This includes teaching him to ring the bell. If we just start ringing the bell the sound would probably scare him. For 2 days I had to lay the bell on the floor and let him get comfortable playing with the bell. After 2 days, I then hung the bell on the door and taught him to ring the bell.  It took 2 more days of constantly putting peanut butter on the bell for him to ring it. The good news is that with encouragement. He would ring the bell every time he was taken outside.

Day 1

I have to be real careful with a dog as small as Pixel. They can injure themselves very easily and if stressed, tend to get diarrhea right away.  We had our first session on introducing the bells and a worked on sit and sit stay. You must have taught him sit, but he didn’t seem to know stay.

Day 2 & 3

After one day of Pixel being at my house it was time to start training. We worked on him walking on a loose leash, sit stay and down. For loose leash walking he wouldn’t lunge ahead. In fact as is common with a lot of little dogs he would just lay down. I used the harness that you gave me and within a short period of time he was walking very well. We struggled a little with down. He would go down or least it looked like he was down. His front legs would be down and his rump would be on the ground, but his belly would be up in the air. He wasn’t really lying down. The bells also went from the floor to the door and we kept working with him touching the bell.

Day 4 & 5

He walked on a loose leash, would sit and hold a sit-stay at my house, so it was time to start socializing him. I took him to several pet stores and he did great.

Hanging out at the Pet Store

Hanging out at the Pet Store

At first he was a little over whelmed and would shake. Within 15 minutes and many people giving him treats. He actually started to go up to people. He was so cute walking through the store strutting his stuff. I don’t think there was one person in the store who didn’t try to pet him.

Pixel still has had no accidents in the house. He goes potty and poop outside almost immediately.  He still needs to be told to ring the bell in order to go outside. Nine out of ten times when told he would ring the bell. He was starting to get it.

Day 6 & 7

Still working with all obedience exercises and socializing him. The good news is this morning while he was playing. He rang the bell and when I took him outside he instantly went potty. I know it still is going to take some time for him to really figure out the bell. In fact the average is 2 to 3 weeks. Sometimes when he tries to ring the bell he barely touches it and the bell doesn’t make any sound. I also want to continue working on socializing him. The biggest challenge will be when he comes home and everyone wants to constantly carry him everywhere.

Can we go shopping

Can we go shopping!

Even I have this huge urge to take him in a purse and go shopping at Somerset Mall in Troy. Of course this won’t help him learn to walk on his own four paws.

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