Training a Deaf Dog Week Two

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Things are going very well in the training of Snow. Truly, whoever adopts her despite her being partially deaf will adopt a great friend. She is very gentle and has a lot of love to give.

Day 8: Today I introduced Snow to my yellow Labrador, Windy.

Let's Play!

Let’s Play!

I did muzzle Snow at first just in case. Upon introduction I could tell that there wouldn’t be a problem and so quickly removed the muzzle. Windy who is always good about getting a dog to play. Was able to get Snow to chase her for about 15 minutes and then Snow was off looking for squirrels. I also took her for a walk in the park. She still gets excited when she sees a squirrel and needs to be corrected. The good news is that it takes a little less of a struggle to get her to focus on me and not the squirrel.

Days 9 & 10: Introduced her to Fireball, my Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

Fire & Snow

Fire & Snow

Snow thought that Fireball was neat. In fact she was much more interested in trying to play with Fireball than Windy. Of course Fireball is much smaller and Windy is also the Alpha female in the pack. I did have to correct Snow a few times in the beginning, because she kept trying to put her paw on Fireball’s back. The last thing Snow would need is to try to dominate. Fireball corrected her as well.

Chasing Fireball

Chasing Fireball

From this point on I always let her out with my dogs. It is so nice to see her just run free in my yard. Her obsession with squirrels makes it so that she’ll play for only a few minutes and then stop and look for squirrels. Once she realizes there are no squirrels she will play with my dogs for a few minutes and again stop looking for squirrels.

I am free!

I am free!

Days 11 & 13: Took her to the pet store. She did wonderful. I could see the first time that she went she was nervous. In fact initially it was a struggle to get her to sit. Down forget it. By the second trip she would sit and hold a sit stay.

I am so good

I am so good

Snow was fine with all the dogs that she saw at the store. Of course she gets excited, but one correction, lots of treats and she would pay attention to me. Snow was wonderful with all the people that approached to give her cookies, even little kids. She did try to lung towards pictures of dogs or cats. The lung was not aggressively but more do you want to play. It is actually kind of funny. You could imagine her surprise when I finally let her run up to a picture and it was just a box. It was too cute.

Day14: Took her to one of our obedience classes that was being taught by Cindi Fleishans. Cindi is a great trainer who is also a certified service dog trainer. What can I say, Snow was great.

In class

In class

Of course it took a little to get her to pay attention to me, but in the end did what was asked of her. She even got to say hello to several of the dogs and was good. I have found that she is great with all dogs and really just wants to play.

A new Friend

A new Friend

Once I was at the store and a client asked me about the classes that I hold at Pet Supplies Plus in Royal Oak. They had a little Shih Tzu with them and Snow very calmly stood at my side the whole time I talked to the people. Originally I was concerned with little dogs, because of her prey drive. She is fine.

What can I say? Whoever decides to adopt Snow will end up with a great dog. Her food aggression issues are all but gone. I can pet her, have my hand around her bowl and she is absolutely fine. I have also been able to take rawhide from her as well. She is great with people and wants them to pet her. Accepts other dogs and wants to play. The squirrel and cat issue is still a work in progress and it is best that she doesn’t go to a home with cats. I am also working with getting her to come when she is really distracted, but than for safety reasons. Because of not being able to hear very well, Snow will probably never be off leash other than in a back yard. Once again if you are interested in adopting her please contact me.

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