Adopting a Rescue Dog

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I received a phone call from Metro Area Animal Adoption Association asking if I could come out to evaluate a dog named Cupid that had developed some aggressive behaviors. Cupid is a Golden Retriever, Chow & German Shepherd mix and he’s about two years old.

What a Cutie!

He had been adopted once but returned due to aggression. At first I was hesitant to take on Cupid’s case. Upon evaluation, if I got too close to him, he would lunge aggressively at me. So putting on a leash or collar was out of the question. So was trying to get him off the couch! Simple handling of Cupid was nearly impossible for me. But once Julie, who met me at the foster home to help out, put his leash on I grabbed it and went for a walk with Cupid. Immediately I discovered that underneath the aggression was a dog who wanted only to give kisses and to be loved but most of all needed guidance, discipline and strong leadership.
Although I was still hesitant about this case I decided to take Cupid into my home and try to rehabilitate him.

Chance Hanging Out

Chance Hanging Out

Initially there were power struggles, attempts at lunging aggressively at me and some biting. It was touch and go at first but through it all I saw a sweet sole underneath his tough exterior. Each day Cupid would respond better and better. There were fewer power struggles, no lunging, but still some dirty looks!
In the end, Cupid accepted the guidance and direction he was given.

He loved to run in open fields and chasing a Frisbee or tennis balls. However, he won’t bring them back so he still needs some work on the whole fetch thing! Now, almost a month later, Cupid’s aggression has disappeared and throughout all the trials and tribulations of his rehabilitation

Chance is such a Good Boy!

Chance is such a Good Boy!

process I fell in love with him and decided to adopt him to be a part of my pack. He is truly a joy and I am really enjoying his company. To be honest I started taking him everywhere and he loves it.

Think it Fits My Image

Think it Fits My Image

Cupid has also brought back life into my own two dogs who are 12 and 14 yrs old. Usually my dogs never want to socialize with the dogs that come into our house for behavior issues because they are old and arthritic and it’s just too much effort to socialize. But amazingly they did with Cupid.

Polo, Danny & Chance

Polo, Danny & Chance

Cupid has given my two dogs a second chance at living a youthful life and for that I am forever grateful!
Now Cupid’s name has been changed to Chance. As the title of this story suggests, everyone needs a second Chance. So Chance was an appropriate name for a dog that truly has been given a second chance at living his life to the fullest.

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