The City Is After My Barking Dog.

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Q: Help my dog is disturbing the peace.  As soon as I open the back door, my dog runs outside and starts to bark until we bring them back in.  One of my neighbors called the police once on me already. But what can I do, my dog does have to go outside once in a while.

“The SOUND OF SILENCE is a beautiful thing”, says Gregg Henson Radio Host for 97.1 FM. His three dogs were always barking 24/7. Now he thoroughly enjoys the sound of silence in his house, after training with Alternative Canine Training. Barking is just symptoms to a deep rooted problem.  You can always put a bark collar on a lonely, bored dog that is locked up in a kennel behind the garage.  The dog may now be quiet, however; the dog will still be lonely and bored.

No matter what the symptoms are, your dog is barking for just three major reasons

  1. Alarm barking is a low pitch woof, woof
    1. It means your dog thinks he is a police officer on duty.
    2. That means that he is Alpha and you have a problem of leadership in your household.
  2. Separation anxiety is a high pitch frustrated type of the barking.
  3. Your dog is bored and has nothing to do or he just likes to bark

Dogs do not need to bark to communicate, relieve frustration, or to be happy.   Barking dogs are actually expressing the exact opposite emotion. To understand you need to look at why dogs bark. If you have ever walked through a typical neighborhood that has fences and you walk past a house with multiples dogs, they may suddenly start fighting.  Why? Because, only the top dog in a pack does the barking or the protecting. The top dog might consider you to be a threat to their territory, but the dog barking next to them is a threat to their social position. This social position is far more important than the territorial threat. They will put the other dog in its place, and then worry about you and the territory. This is why if a dog knows and understands that you are top dog, they will gladly give you the job of barking at intruders.

We see this time and time again that once we make it no longer the dog’s business to bark at everything, along with implementing our special program, the dog becomes calm, relaxed and happy. Their eyes are no longer darting nervously around looking at who and what they should bark at or worry about. They are also no longer frustrated.

Yes, some breeds are genetically more prone to bark.  Shelties are one breed that tends to be notorious barkers. Beagles and many of your hounds were bred to bark, their loud bay bark allowed a hunter to follow the dog to the game.  Terriers tend to be a little territorial and bark to tell everyone, that wherever they are, they own it. Silence can be achieved with these breeds but it will take a little more work.

Often time’s owners express the desire to have their dogs bark. It makes them feel more secure because they want their dogs to protect the house. The problem arises when they can’t get the dog to be quiet or the dog starts to carry this protectiveness one step further.    Yes, someday this dog might bite. You can’t have your cake and eat it to.  If you work now with getting your dog not to bark then, in the long run, when your dog is finally fully mature and you become lax with training, your dog might still start barking when someone is at the door but that will be fine, since now you can say, “Thank You for telling me someone is at the door, now be quiet”. The dog will be quiet as it is your position to bark or protect.

Obviously, prevention is worth a pound of cure.  If you worked on making your dog be quiet while it is a puppy, then keeping it quiet as an adult is simple. If you didn’t give the puppy proper structure and guidance, the dog will take it upon themselves to be the leader and start their new job which is “barking”.

So how do we get them to stop barking? For puppies, first of all never let your puppy out of the kennel when they whine or bark because this will be the start of them barking. When a puppy starts barking, often times by just saying loudly “aaaght, quiet” and then clapping your hands or tapping the top of their crate will stop the barking. Once again, we need to find what behavioral interruptible approach will work based on your dog’s temperament. This means that using whatever negative sound will interrupt the bad behavior so we can praise the good behavior. If your dog hates water, try using a squirt bottle. You might try using noise devices as your second option. A thrown “shaking can” or plastic water bottle with 4 to 5 pennies or washers inside it will get their attention. NEVER hit the dog with these items. Remember that you are just tossing them in the dog’s direction along with saying “aaaght” to stop the barking. You could also try an ultrasonic device or the “Pet Convincer”. If you have a bullet-proof type of dog, than you might need to invest in a citronella collar.  You can also teach the dog to bark on command but then never give the command. We would only recommend a bark collar as a last resort or if the owner lived in an apartment or condo and was about to be evicted. If you stay diligent and correct the dog every time they bark, the barking will soon stop. You can have the sound of silence.

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