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Adopting the Right Dog

Adopting the Right Dog? Copyright@2010

Remember that your decision to adopt should be based on your lifestyle and the lifestyle of your family and not based on how cute or cuddly a particular rescue dog may look.  Dog ownership is a huge commitment and a big responsibility so you should take your time and avoid a rushed decision.

Working with Nina a rescue dog

Working with Nina a rescue dog

Be aware that many rescue dogs have a somewhat turbulent past which may require extra attention to training and behavior modification.  You must be prepared to spend the necessary time that may be needed to ensure stability in your new dog. It is also very important to make an informed decision on adopting a particular dog. Ask questions about background, prior owners, etc.  It is very easy to make a decision based on emotion when the sad eyes and scared faces are tugging at your heartstrings.  However, this can be a recipe for disaster.  It is your job to make a sound decision based on breed research, stability and appropriateness of temperament for your family. If you are full of emotion, you cannot make a sound decision and your family and your new companion will suffer as a result.  So be sure to resist any decision that is based purely on emotion.

I cannot stress enough the importance of analyzing your lifestyle and choosing a dog that matches your energy level. For example, a less active family should not choose a high energy dog that requires lots of exercise. A more active family should choose a dog that is able to join your family functions and is capable of being very social. If a low energy family chooses a dog that has high energy, both family and dog will suffer greatly and behavioral issues are sure to arise. Many dogs are returned to the rescue group or humanely euthanized due to the owner’s inability to control behaviors that are a result of a bad match between the dog’s activity level and temperament and the family’s social structure and activity level.  Don’t let this happen to you!   You want to make sure your new dog would have a forever home.

I have personally adopted three dogs and they all have brought great joy into my life. In fact my first dog was a stray found on Ryan Rd. We called him “Ryan”.



I also adopted a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever named Rivie. She became a certified Therapy Dog. Currently I have Windy my big yellow Labrador. What a great dog.


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Maui takes Dog Training to the City

Maui’s update: He is doing great! I have taken him many places to work on his listening skills and ability to walk on a loose leash despite distractions.

When is the Light Going to Change

When is the Light Going to Change

I must admit when he first started seeing other dogs or a squirrel he got very excited and would try to lung towards them. He went from excitement to frustration. He became frustrated, because he couldn’t go where he wanted to go. This is when he would again try to jump up and grab the leash. Remember “Lets Go” means GO. So I just kept working him around the distractions.

I'm So Good!

I'm So Good!

He is now doing great.I took him to the training center while a class was running and he completely ignored the other dogs. Did sit and down stays while the class was walking around him. I have taken him to the city several times and he walks around like he has been doing this for years. On Saturday Karen Biddinger, a wonderful trainer that works with Alternative Canine Training took him to a dog event called Mutt Strutt Pet Expo.

The rest is her commentary of how he did:

Maui and I had a blast at the Mutt Strutt Pet Expo in Dearborn Saturday afternoon.  He’s a great dog and everyone kept coming up and complimenting us on how well behaved he was and on how beautiful he was. He was such a good boy and was so friendly with all the people and dogs. Maui made such an impression that he had his picture taken by the crew from the company  ‘Blue’ (makers of premium dog food) They put a ‘Blue’ bandana on him for the picture which made him look extremely handsome.  The pictures will eventually be displayed on Blue’s website.   So keep watching Blue’s website site for his picture!

Maui also had fun running the agility course set up for beginners.  He loved it!  Went through the tunnels like a champ and jumped through the hoops like he was an old pro.  He had so much fun and I truly enjoyed having him with me.  I fell in love with him.  He had a great day and was exhausted by the time we got home

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Working with a jumping dog and nipping dog named Maui

Maui is a beautiful sensitive dog who knows how to manipulate the situation for his own amusement. I know he is supposedly part Golden and American Eskimo, but part of me thinks that maybe he might also have some Australian Shepherd in him. The way his back legs look reminds me of the back legs of an Australian Shepherd and he has the tendency to try to nip at your ankles just like the other Australian Shepherd I have worked with.

He is a little of a challenge to train in the fact that he actually likes getting into trouble. He feels this is how to get your attention and to feel needed. Yet if you correct him he may submissive urinate.  Another problem that Maui has is that he is a very high energy dog. I am very glad that you signed up to take him to the dog park. I really think this or taking him to doggy day care a couple times a week is going to help. I know you have been taking him for 2 to 3 walks a day, but this still isn’t the same type of exercise that he will get by running full out for an hour. The good news is that he plays very well with my dogs. Occasionally he has to be corrected for trying to hump my girls, but they do a very good job of telling him off. Otherwise he does very well.

Jumping, manipulating or controlling the situation is one of his biggest problems.

You want Me to do What?

You want Me to do What?

As soon as you try to put a leash on him or try to tell him to do something he doesn’t want to (like come into the house after playing.) Lets Go, sit stay etc. He tends to try to control you by taking his paw wrapping it around the leash and or jump on you.

Maui jumping

Maui jumping

He also occasionally takes the leash in his mouth. As you know the first thing that I am doing is working on teaching him to walk on a loose leash. Now walking doesn’t mean that he can grab the leash or jump on me. Let’s Go means GO. If he starts to jump he is corrected and I of course keep walking. The good news is that he is jumping less and less. He is now really only trying the nipping at the ankles during the witching time 7:30 – 8:00 at night.

"Lets Go" means GO!

"Lets Go" means GO!

So I am making sure that I work him at this time. The reason that dogs act up around this time is a natural carry over from survival. If you think about it, when do predators hunt for food? In the morning and evening, so dogs are more energetic at these times.

On Friday I started walking him off-leash in the backyard and he is not doing to bad. At the same time we are also doing many sit & down stays.

Maui on a Sit Stay!

Maui on a Sit Stay!

This week is when he will be accompanying me to many of my clients. By doing this we are following the natural progression of learning. That is you first need to teach them, than use this in your day to day routine (Proofing it under many circumstances) and finally you expect it.  I’ll give you another update in a couple of days. He is coming when called 80% of the time now and I still need to teach him place. Place is where you send them to their dog bed and they have to lay down and stay. This way you can actually invite guests into your house and they don’t have to worry about being run over by Maui. After they have said hello to you and they are dog people, then you can released him.

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Tucker’s First Day in the City

Dealing with city life can be scary for a country boy.

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Meet TUCKER a Rescue Dog in Training

Meet Tucker, a rescue dog in training

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Spring and your Dog

The Dangers of Spring and your Dog.

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Hello world!

Welcome to Alternative Canine Training’s Blog (A.C.T.) Here you will find useful tips on how to achieve the perfect dog and how to solve behavior problems once and forever! Behavior problems such as housebreaking, jumping, barking, digging, stealing food, running away, aggression, separation anxiety and much more. As an added bonus you will learn how to speak to your dog in the language they understand. The exciting part is that you can follow along specific cases. See how individual dogs went from terrorist to loving members of society. Of course we always appreciate your comments and feedback.

My own personal mission statement has always been that all I ever wanted to do is train dogs and help people. Alternative Canine Training’s mission statement is that we want you to have a well trained dog that you can take anywhere, under any circumstance.Through this blog we hope to accomplish both missions.

A.C.T.’s blog will be both entertaining and educational for every dog owner. Look for upcoming posts!

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